The turbinaria ornata

Turbinaria ornata is a brown macroalgae with a complex and rigid structure, it is little consumed by herbivores. It develops to the detriment of corals so its proliferation is an indicator of the poor health of a coral reef. In the Nu’uroa area, its invasion is problematic and threatens the marine biodiversity of Puna’auia. But Turbinaria ornata is a potential source of molecules of interest and is widely studied for its valorization in biotechnology, its harvest is a solution to its proliferation.

In order to restore the coral reef of Puna’auia in the face of the invasion of Turbinaria ornata, the algae are torn out manually. This frees up the substrate to allow the recruitment of corals and increase the surface area available for their growth. Then, the Turbinaria ornata are not released into the environment but recovered in order to prevent their spread. Finally, they will be brought to Pacific Biotech to study their potential in agriculture and biotechnology, which will make it possible to recover this “green” waste.

The Spots

Pacific Biotech

Research and development company represented by Xavier Moppert

Work on the valorization of turbinaria ornata in agriculture and biotechnology

Pacific Biotech aims to promote this algae in different sectors such as

Agricultural biostimulants

Animal feed

High added value biomaterials


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